Senior Backend Developer

Job description

The CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Community manages Covestro’s financial processes, legal services, and IT solutions to the company as a whole. The Covestro Direct Store is provided as a digital sales channel through Asellion B.V. located in Amsterdam, a 100% subsidiary of Covestro

Imagine yourself coming to work at Asellion every day with a wide smile. Welcomed with a hug or a fist bump - whichever you prefer. You are joined by your new bubbly and international team. You are part of the platform team, helping to build our product.
Imagine, as well, a warm welcome to our agile sprints and retrospectives.

Does this sound like you? Be sure to read on to learn more about the details of the job:


  • You will develop platform features and technical integrations with existing systems and processes within Covestro.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of the platform backend as well as maintaining the test-base of the backend and the integration system will also be part of your new tasks.
  • You will develop and maintain interfaces to the frontend, check and test the code quality of the platform backend and the integration code.
  • Furthermore, you will coach and share knowledge with other tech folks.

Job requirements


  • You have a university degree in computer science or comparable education.
  • You have experience with Java, SpringBoot, JavaEE, REST APIs, Microservice architecture, Docker.
  • Hands-on experience with CI/CD, Postgres, Apache Kafka, Cloud hosting on AWS/Alicloud would be a plus.
  • You have successfully performed similar roles in the past.
  • Furthermore, you have strong analytical skills that allow you to quickly understand complex content.
  • You live the agile culture and are comfortable with development approaches (SCRUM)

We hear you ask; we hear you: What is in it for me?

Here is what we carefully prepared for you:

  • An unlimited vacation policy, for relaxation and traveling as long as your work is done
  • The team’s health insurance program at a discounted price
  • A solid pension scheme
  • A phone allowance
  • Commuting plan if you live further than 5 km from the office

But wait, there's more: most importantly, let us, your future colleagues, tell you what we like here:

  • Innovation: 'Being part of something like this sounds interesting. It is something completely new and being part of the creative process is something I was not part of before.'
  • Team spirit: 'You will get more than new colleagues. We work together, laugh together, play together.'
  • Freedom: 'No office hour obligations.'
  • Meaning: 'Doesn’t feel that we are only here to work. We work to improve the chemical industry. We are here to indirectly innovate. We work to help the environment. Feels like everyone is involved.'
  • Learning and failing are allowed: 'We believe and support growth-mindset thinking and behavior, such as sharing information, collaborating, innovating, seeking feedback, or admitting errors. Also, we are aiming for diversity in the company.'
  • Passion: 'We are surrounded with like-minded people. Everything we do, every single day, every single action is to improve and guide our industry. '
  • Technology and solution that has an impact on people and expands throughout all of the world.

You have just imagined it all and now you are asking yourself: What happens next?

Get in touch with us, we can’t wait to meet you!